My Work

Data Science

I’m studying a Master’s Data Science and provide consultancy services to small businesses.
Python, Pandas, Seaborn, Power BI, Scikit-learn, Excel
December 2019 – Today

I chose to study a Master’s Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch because I think it’s one of the most applicable, useful, and valuable forms of Artificial Intelligence. If oil is liquid gold, data is virtual gold. Nowadays, companies provide services, infrastructure, and products for free or at a heavily reduced cost, because the generated data has a higher earning potential than traditional sales.

Data Consultancy

In addition to the added business value of Data, I find it enticing to leverage computing to hunt for valuable patterns in data. My favorite projects consist of a challenge, and a set of Data to work with that I can launch all my tools and knowledge on in order to create value. However, companies don’t always know what the value of their data really is. Through the MKB Datalab, I work with small to medium sized companies to create value from their data.

Company Projects

I’ve worked with World of Content on their content management platform. With microLAN I investigated the relationship between rainfall data and canal water quality. Back in 2019 I was active on Numerai, an innovative decentralized hedge fund that allows anyone to use their obfuscated financial data to make predictions. The best performing models get rewarded. My model was in the top 5% for three times in two months and made a modest profit of one hundred euros.

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code of numeraire jupyter portfolio
power BI dashboard example

Artificial Intelligence

A collection of AI-based applications I made with skills from my Bachelor’s programme.
Python, Java, PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Neural Networks
September 2017 – December 2021

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of machine learning, and I’ve had the pleasure of studying this in detail at the Radboud University from 2018 through 2021. During this time, I worked on research and applications of AI. Even before my time at university, I worked on AI-related projects. For example, when I was 15 and in middle school, I made a small Tik Tak Toe AI to play against.

Snake AI (2017)

My final dissertation in high school was an application that allows your computer to learn the popular Nokia game Snake, using genetic algorithms and multi-layer perceptrons. The best snake got a high score length of 200.

Hand-drawn Digit Reader (2019)

For my final project of the Data Mining course, I made an interactive application digit recognizer. I implemented the neural network architecture and math from scratch in Java. In my app, you can write your own digits, which the trained model classifies in real-time as you’re drawing.

radboud university logo
screenshots of the Hnad-drawn Digit Recognizer Java App
screenshot of the Snake AI GUI

Web Hosting and Design

I run my own Linux Webserver and provide companies with web hosting and design.
Linux, Bash, NGINX, Docker Compose, SQL, iDRAC, WordPress, Cloudflare, HTML, CSS
November 2021 – Today

Designing your own website is fun. You know what’s even more fun? Setting up your own webserver to host your own website. My portfolio website (yes, this one) lives on a webserver that sits in my utility closet. I started this ongoing project when I got tired of paying to slug through a third-party hosting provider’s tools. I got a yearning to get my hands ‘dirty’ and never looked back. There’s something empowering about having your own server that you built from scratch.

From the ground up

In middle school, I used to make little websites for myself on website builders like Wix, or from the ground up in HTML. When I got older, I set up my own webserver on the new Raspberry Pi 3B and made websites with WordPress. It was quite slow, but it was fun to squeeze every last drop of performance out of this little computer. Now it’s running on an old laptop.

Web Design Portfolio

In addition to this website, I’ve designed the following sites as well. Most of these websites are serviced as containerized applications on an Ubuntu server running on our refurbished Dell Tower.

With Docker, I can easily toggle websites ‘on or off’ and increase or decrease resource limits to any one site. It also increases security, because all databases and configurations are completely separated. You can check out my docker compose implementation on GitHub.

This hobby-turned-business taught me how to use Linux and Docker in a hands-on manner. Moreover, it made me feel comfortable with adding networking capabilities to other projects, and introduced me to common security, networking, and design concepts from an early age.

photo of a Raspberry Pi in case
El Torro Tegelen website screenshots on laptop and mobile

App Development

I developed an app to help you sleep with soothing space-themed white noise
Java, Android Studio, Android API, Google Play Console, Admob, XML, Firebase, Audacity
March 2020 – June 2020, December 2021 – February 2022, December 2022

Celestial Sounds is an entrepreneurial app I launched back in the early days of the pandemic. I don’t always sleep well, and I’d sometimes use white noise in order to mask annoying sounds. White Noise is freely available on YouTube, but you need to keep the YouTube app open, and the sound periodically stops to check if you’re still listening.

A Gap in the Market

I searched on the Google Play Store for a white noise app, but I only found apps that were either way too complicated, had terrible UI/UX, or both. So I set out to make my own Android app, with the most sleep-inducing theme I could think of: endless space.

Space-themed sounds

The tagline of the app is “Celestial Sounds – Sleep in Space.” Every noise profile is based on a celestial body. For example, the Earth sounds busy and city-like, whilst the Sun sounds like massive distant rumbling. You can check it out for yourself, using any of the buttons below.

Monetization and Reception

I’ve monetized the free version of the app with ads and offer a premium version that contains more sounds and no ads. So far, over 1800 people have downloaded the free version and at least 100 have tried out the premium version. I’ve received very warm reviews over the months. Here are a select few:

Your app is amazing! I love the concept of the planets mixed with how you feel they might sound and the icons, colors and the sounds are heavenly.


Perfect. Love these kinds of space sounds to sleep to. Well worth paying for the pro version.


I now have the perfect deep sleep with these space sounds

screenshot of Celestial Sounds free version
screenshot of Celestisl Sounds free version with marble theme enabled

Game Development

I got into programming and IT through making video games. It’s very fun.
Java, OpenGL, JOGL, InstallForge, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE, Audacity
November 2018 – July 2019, March 2020, August 2022 – September 2022
Introduction to Code

As a kid, I used Scratch, a code-learning platform by MIT, to make little video games and learn the basic concepts of programming. When I got a little older, I switched to making games in GameMaker, which has its own scripting language. In high school I fully switched to making games in Java or Unity with C#.

Procedural Role-Playing Game

My biggest game creation is Any Journey: a 2D video game I created entirely in Java and OpenGL. In the winter of 2018 I set out to create this procedurally generated RPG. I made the entire game in the Eclipse IDE using Java and OpenGL. I documented my work on YouTube and got many encouraging comments.

The core feature of the game is its procedural generation. The world you play in is generated using Perlin noise. The interior of the buildings is generated with a complex algorithm that spawns rooms, connects them with hallways, and places furniture and enemies, all while making sure the building is fully traversable. The NPCs are generated. The quests are generated. Generated factions in the world can battle in generated wars. The items you find in dungeons are generated, and you may trade these items with a generated merchant. Nothing is scripted.

Selection of Comments

Dude that’s insane! This inspires me to start with game development.


I just found the channel and I must say bro. Underrated cus you truly a god.


Awesome as always! Keep it up man 😉

screenshot of Any Journey map menu
screenshot of Any Journey in game

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