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Pixel RPG Asset Pack

This 2D pixel art asset pack includes all assets from my game Any Journey. Give them new life by using them to jumpstart your RPG

If you need a jumpstart on your game, this asset pack got you covered. It includes full tile sets, portraits, armors, weapons, and more.

Any Journey

I made the pixel art for a game called Any Journey that I never finished.

Instead of letting the assets degrade on my hard-drive I want them to find a new home in someone else’s project.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the download link. Use these assets to save time making your game a reality.

Asset Pack Cover Art

2D Pixel Art

The pack is made for games with a 2D pixel art art style. Most of the assets are 16×16 pixels but some are 24×24 or 32×32. Of course, you can supplement this with your own art or take inspiration from the pack in making your own game.

No Copyright

You can use these assets in any private or commercial project. All I ask is that you give credit to the pack for the assets used.

The sounds aren’t mine, but are collected from contributors to Freesound.org under the CC0 license.

The pixel art was made by me using Paint.NET.


You can download the asset pack from Itch.io. Just download the zip and unzip it. Most of the assets are in PNG or MP3 format.

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