a comparison between before and after drawings

Art Portfolio Website

My drawings live on the subdomain art.robingather.com. It's a portfolio website with a minimal design.

My Online Drawing Portfolio

One day I woke up and wanted a public online repository of my drawings, instead of having them stowed away in a folder, in a box, in a basement. So, art.robingather.com was born.

Minimal Design

I like minimal designs and using one is especially important if your website has high-design content which you want the user’s eye to be drawn to.

If I decorate my drawings website with fancy graphics, icons, and colors, it would only distract from the drawings, and therefore from the purpose of the site.

screenshot of the website
screenshot of the website

Open for Commissions

On the contact page you have two options for contacting me about commissions: email and the contact form. Both formats are used all over the web and everyone understands how to use them, compared to fancy submission forms.

This ease of use is important because my target audience for the website consists of older people who have the money to spend on a drawing commission.

my dog drawing
drawing of doggo
my drawing on someone's wall
doggo on the wall

I can draw for you.

If you like what you see on art.robingather.com, you can commission me to do a drawing for you. Subscribe to the newsletter or check out my instagram for more art.

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