Robin Gather

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About Me

Hello! My name is Robin. Welcome to my website.

That’s me in the picture, standing on a bridge somewhere in Switzerland. I don’t live in Switzerland though; I live in the Netherlands.

I’ve just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and am enrolling in the Master’s programme Data Science and Entrepreneurship in Den Bosch.

I’m 22 years old. In these years—maybe not the very early ones—I’ve worked on a bunch of creative projects. I like making things, especially if those things involve coding and design, like this website for example.

About This Website

You are currently on, my website. I’ve built this website as a repository for my work, mostly in the field of software development.

I believe in showing your work, instead of it collecting dust on a shelf or on a hard drive. So I’ve polished my projects up a bit and gave them a spotlight in the Work section of this website.

This site serves not only as my portfolio, but is a portfolio item in and of itself. I’ve not only designed it, but I host it myself as well on a little Raspberry Pi Web Server I made.

Beyond my programming work, you may also find some writing and art strewn about. If you find something you like and want to know more, you can always contact me. If my content interests you, consider subscribing to the newsletter.

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My Story

Code Blocks

When I was 11, I made my first little video games in Scratch, a children’s educational tool for programming made by MIT. You may still be able to find my profile if you look hard enough. Please don’t look hard enough.

Scripting Language

Around the age of 14, I graduated to GameMaker, which had it’s own scripting language GML. I had a lot of fun with this engine, culminating in my class project video game called Arsomage, a fully-fledged game about a fire wizard which you control with your numpad.

Programming Language

Then, around 16 I took on the big transition from the established frameworks of engines, to the wild west of programming languages. I tried my hand at Visual Basic, C++, and a lot of Java. This gave me a big advantage at the start of my Bachelor’s, as I already had years of programming experience in my pocket.

Artificial Intelligence

When studying AI at the Radboud University, I was always more interested in practical implementations—in use-cases, rather than theory. Every time we got a project to do, I worked on creating a product, whether programme or resource to hand in. I already liked to build things, so why not combine that passion with studying?

Beyond the Work

I don’t want to just sit at my computer all day, so sometimes I get up and I might go to the gym, do some cooking, writing, drawing, or of course chill with friends, a movie, or some video games.

I like to cook

Being fortunate enough to have lived three years in an apartment with a kitchen, I like to make full use of the two induction cooktops it has. I’ve made a resolution to compile a Cookbook on this website for easy access to my often-used recipes.

a salsa I made
my salsa
my drawing

I like to draw

Along with making small video games, I’ve also developed a sporadic affinity for portrait drawing. You can find a selection of my drawings over at my drawing portfolio.

I like to gym

I think we modern people, especially those working desk jobs, tend to ignore their bodies. We focus solely on the importance of our minds, but we are embodied creatures. I believe it’s important to take care of your physical health, so I lift heavy things from time to time.

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my gym


If I’ve peaked your interest in who I am and what I do (or what I can do for you), feel free to contact me. Whether you have a question, a proposition, or simply want to say ‘hi,’ my line is open. Or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.