Month June 2022

Pixel RPG Asset Pack

rpg asset pack featured image
This 2D pixel art asset pack includes all assets from my game Any Journey. Give them new life by using them to jumpstart your RPG
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arsomage black and white featured image
Arsomage is the first fully-fledged game that I made when I was 15. In it, you are a wizard and cast spells using your keyboard numpad.
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Any Journey RPG

any journey rpg logo
Any Journey is a procedurally generated role-playing game that I worked on for 8 months whilst documenting all of my progress on YouTube. Here I talk about why I abandon it.
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Hero’s Journey Ultimate Guide

hero's journey logo
The Hero's Journey is a narrative structure that can help you create better stories. It can be applied to your novel, movie script, video game, or any project with a story element.
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