passion for problem solving

About Me

Hello! My name is Robin and I love working on complex problems in IT-related fields. Welcome to my portfolio website! I have a broad array of experience, working on projects like setting up webservers in Linux, running AI models in Python, and developing software in Java. To some people this work may sound like a series of boring tasks; to me they are exciting challenges.

How it started

Ever since I was a little kid, living in Venlo, I liked to tinker on computers. My first experience with coding was making little games on Scratch, a coding web-app developed by MIT. Since then I’ve upgraded my equipment and skills over the years, working on apps as a hobby, research papers as a student, and Data Science solutions as a consultant.


I have a Bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence from the Radboud University in Nijmegen ♥. Currently, I’m studying my Master’s Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch. I also work as a freelance consultant, applying Data Science knowledge with small businesses.


Feel free to browse through some of my projects, read more about me, or send me a message. On the ‘Work’ page, I’ve listed my favorite fields to work in and projects I’ve worked on in those fields. Whether you want to work with me, or just want to say hello, my inbox is open. Please press any of the buttons below. See you around!